How long does it take for my item to ship?

Our products generally takes 12-20 days to ship. If your item doesn't arrive within 45 days, please contact us at nonbinaryoutfitters@gmail.com.


Why does it take so long to ship?

We work together with manufacturers all over the world. When you order a product from our website, we forward that to the manufacturers and the product ships directly from them. That way we can maintain a low price for our customers.


How do I enter my coupon code?

There will be an option at the checkout that says "Discount Code". That's where you enter your coupon.


How do I get coupon codes?

We give out coupons every once in a while at our Instagram (@nonbinaryoutfitters). We also do giveaways and other promotions. 


 How do I sponsor you guys?

We're always looking for sponsors! Send us an email (nonbinaryoutfitters@gmail.com). Or direct message us on Instagram (@nonbinaryoutfitters).



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